Monthly results


End off season summary

M.D.L.  They have maintained their position in the premier league for the 2016 season. This was an achievement because several players had not been available throughout the season. With the help of new players and over 55 players the season was a success, well done everybody for their great efforts.

S.D.L.L.  The ladies have also maintained their position in the league, well done all concerned.With the number of ladies unavailable this year, especially for away games, their achievement I feel is better than that of the M.D.L. again well done

Over 55’s  The X team had a difficult season finishing eigth in their league, well done everyone.

The Y team had a good season finishing fourth, after being in the top two for most of the season, then loosing three of the last four games. Well done everyone

Mixed friendlies The season is not complete with two more games, when they are finished I will give the overall results, but well done so far and I know all that played really enjoyed themselves. The season is now over for the mixed friendlies. We have played 23 games won 12 lost 10 and drew 1. thanks to those that supported our captain Brian over the season. Thank you Brian for your hard work, now you just have the winter games to sort.


Summer results

Ladies winners     Squire’s cup   2  wood singles  21 ends   A. Mason

Pam Emery cup  4 wood pairs   E. Elliott & J. Higham

Child’s cup      4 wood singles   J.Higham

Elliott’s cup   over 55s    3 wood     A.Mason

Men’s winners      Championship Shield    4 wood singles   R. Perfect

Beston cup    2 wood singles    R.Perfect

Daniel’s trophy  4 wood singles  over 55s  R. Perfect

Mixed pairs result     Berry cup  4 wood mixed pairs   J. & C. Higham





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